World wide web and the mainstream slice of that internet

In this time and age is the Internet is still growing, people pour back in the early 90s, just like my father said several times that the Internet would not let, it would not become that massive trend that very few predicted such as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and myself, but I want to compare myself with these two giants LOL but I knew that the Internet was going to continue to grow I knew for a fact that the Internet would never die, I knew for a fact the Internet would bring incredibly interesting websites every single day and your websites, every single day websites such as Alternative Media and many more just like it in different categories, that would be roughly hundred and 90 million mainstream websites out there today on the World Wide Web.

alternative news

When I say 119 million were talking about websites that are still updated, that are active at this point that have at least 1000 unique visitors that reach those websites every day, my good friend Thomas F Cheng that is an Internet expert claims that they are roughly 2,000,000,000 websites total on the web, but most of them are not active or they get very little attention from the general public.

One of those websites I guess thousands of visitors a day and I know this for a fact is a website called This is a website that tells you the news in a very satirical way, it is vital it is funny it is extremely entertaining and even on those days that you are very sad I guarantee you it will pull a giggle out of you.