Legalize it! We want to smoke pot and not get arrested for it!

The title is not my words, it’s not my fault, I don’t have the urge to smoke marijuana, even if I have smoked it several times in the past, it is not something that I actually have the urge to do, I even quit smoking cigarettes eight years ago and never started again, even if cigarettes will kill you while cannabis will cure or you. I am looking at my weed culture simply by visiting this Weed Website, that is more like a pin board rather than websites and it is entirely dedicated to cannabis and all other products regarding this drug.

pot weed dope

I noticed that there was a brief article on the twitter account of the marketer named Thomas Cheng, he also claims that he does not smoke cannabis, but he is also a very strong supporter of legalizing it for medical reasons, it is thanks to him that I actually discovered a website that will explain in extreme detail why cannabis, weed, pot, marijuana or whatever you want to call it is actually good for you in the long run during any possible diseases that you may have that the alternative in medication can actually fix for you.

Being my guest and check it out for your self if you want to, the website is called Alternative News and I was on it for the past 2 1/2 hours because I bumped into several very interesting articles that led to other articles on the very websites that I’m sure you also will find it extremely interesting and very surprising.